camaraderie within coworking

Wayne and I just had a really great meeting, exercising in real life the true meaning of camaraderie and collaboration. We met with Trevor and Jessica, a couple from the tech industry who want to start a coworking facility in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto.

It was great to meet them and see their enthusiasm about coworking. They already have some great ideas and are off to a good start. We love knowing that there may be a coworking option for the Mississauga/Oakville/Brampton folks that would be easier to get to than commuting to Toronto to our space – that’s what many chronically employed people do on the GO train every day! The last thing startups and entrepreneurs need is to spend an hour in each direction just getting to where they can work; they could use that time to be productive, getting on with the great things startups and entrepreneurs do.

We’re very suportive of a coworking space in Mississauga and I’m sure we can do some great cross promotion once we’re both up and running. For starters, they are also the folks behind DemoCamp Mississauga, so we know it is destined for success. Sign up on the wiki and let’s show Mississauga just how strong the 905 entrepreneurial community really is!