camaraderie at last! (opening announcement)

This is the announcement that we’ve been wanting to make for a long time:


Yesterday Wayne and I signed the lease for a beautiful space at 102 Adelaide St E.

We take possession on Mon, will need a few days to assemble and arrange furniture, and will be open for business on Mon Feb 16. Now, we know that is the Family Day holiday, but we also know that many entrepreneurs and freelancers don’t always take off holidays, so the option is there for you.

Here are the details:
* the space will be free to use until Feb 28, and memberships will kick on Mar 1
* memberships will be $300/mo for unlimited use during business hours
* we’ll work out keys later, but for now the space will be open 9:00am-6:00pm (or later)
* free wifi, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate every day

We have pics of what the space looks like now, but some of it will change this week and next as we do some minor renos and fill up the space with furniture. Here is what it currently looks like:
Open workspace (those walls will be coming down)

Kitchen area (we’ll bring in a microwave, kettle, etc)

Boardroom (it’s small but will be great for closed door meetings

See more about the space, building, and neighbourhood on our space page.

We’re super excited about this announcement and welcome you to join us starting Feb 15 for our two week open house.

– rachel

  • Kathrin

    That´s so cool. I will come by February 16th!
    Cheers, Kat