a discount for the rest of 2012

Did you see our newest issue of the Camaraderie newsletter? It’s jam packed with events, links, and a really amazing promotion.

We believe that Sep is the time for getting back to business while the kids get back to school. CYBF mentor Ellis Orlan even made a blog post on the subject, Labour Day is a turning point for business.

And so, in the spirit of getting back to business, we have a promotion to sign up in Sep for a part time, full time regular, or full time permanent membership and get Oct, Nov, and Dec at 50% off*. That could be a huge savings, one that you could use to circle back into your business in a marketing promotion or perhaps even save those funds to sponsor a great event for the holidays. Whatever you do with that savings, you can arrange for it comfortably from our coworking space.  E-mail us to schedule a tour.

And yes, you can start part way through a month. We’ll pro-rate your first month with the time that is left and offer you a fair price for the rest of Sep.


*First and last months membership fees at regular rate are required. Valid for new memberships only.