Referral Program

Word of mouth really is the best way to reach new prospects, and when it comes to coworking, it’s absolutely ideal. What better way to hear about how beneficial a coworking space is than to hear it straight from someone who already works there?

And so, we’re now offering an incentive to bring in new members, via a referral program.

If you’re an existing member and you bring in a new Part Time* member, you’ll get 10% deducted from your next two invoices. But if you bring in a new Full Time member, you’ll save 20% from your next two invoices. 

Prospective new members will still have to fill out the membership application and are still subject to the same intake process as anyone else, but be sure to tell them to put your name as the referral in the last box. And if they are invited to become members, they’ll still required to pay first and last months membership fees and will go month to month after that, just like all members.

Not valid with any other offers or promotions. Not applicable to membership fees pre-paid in bulk.

So, who do you know that needs workspace?



Note: Part time memberships do not include the Lite membership level.