Reflection of community

We’ve been reflecting on the value of community this summer.

We’re happy to open our doors to those in need. After the big storm and flood in Jul, we welcomed folks to come in for workspace if they didn’t have electricity, wifi, or air conditioning at home. This week (and maybe longer) we’re hosting the folks from Unspace whose office burned down mid-Aug. They missed the camaraderie they had with their colleagues and wanted to work side by side again. It’s proof that online collaboration and communication just isn’t enough. Technology is great, but people still need people.

We do this because we value community and it’s the right thing to do. Unspace has been a pillar in the startup and tech communities of Toronto, and they also know how to throw a fierce party. It’s our pleasure to offer them temporary space for their time in need.

And what this really does is allow us to define what community means to us. Coworking spaces are often defined as being a cultivator of community for their members, and we realise that the community isn’t only within our walls. We’re honoured to be a part of a number of communities – the Roncesvalles Village, the city of Toronto, the startup community, a collective of coworking spaces – it’s all community, defined differently depending on the hands we join, and the helping hands we extend.

How do you define community?