Looking forward to CM1

CM1 (Community Manager Conference) is in a few days and as a Community Manager I’m thrilled to attend it. 

Getting some new ideas about how to manage great communities, how to measure my efforts, and how other talented people in the field deal with challenges and obstacles are three major reasons why I would not want to miss the event this year.

It seems especially great that many of the panelists and speakers are actual Community Managers. This is my chance to finally meet and talk to influences like Casie Stewart [@casiestewart] and Erin Bury [@erinbury] (I follow them on Twitter and they always share a lot of great content and trending stuff).

The conference program looks equally promising. Although most of the sessions look very interesting, I picked 4 talks that I especially look forward to on Thursday:


1. How to Plan the Plan by Laura Muirhead (@lauraroni)

This session goes back to the roots and talks about community strategy. I am already looking forward to getting some new tips on how to refine my community strategy. I also hope this talk helps me to reflect on my own approach and maybe offers some creative ideas to engage my members. It’s never too late to learn!

2. Contests and Promotions by Julie Sheldon (@juliesheldon)

I think we can all agree that contests and promotions are a fun way to engage our audiences and community members. Who doesn’t like to win something or get a good deal on a service or product? I hope this session will highlight some good examples about what kind of contests are especially engaging and/or trigger a lot of involvement.

3. Measurement by Andrew Cherwenka (@cherwenka)

This session interests me simply because so many people ask me about how I measure the value and impact of my job. While I believe that there are a lot of very valuable aspects of Community Management that are very hard to measure – I mean how do you measure the impact of a really good conversation with one of your members? – I also think that there are data and variables that can be measured, tracked and reported. I cannot wait to get some great ideas on how to “measure” community.

4. Panel: The Career of Community Management featuring Casie Stewart, Stephanie Fusco, Patrick Tomasso, and Craig Hodges

The panel titled The Career of Community Management will most likely be one of my highlights of this year’s conference. I am looking forward to hear about the challenges, opportunities and activities of the panelists. I also hope to get inspired by their experiences and to pick up a few great ideas for my own community. Hopefully this panel encourages a discussion between the panelists and the audience and allows us to ask questions.

All in all, Thursday is going to be awesome and I am ready to meet fellow Community Managers and get inspired by their stories. If you are going to be there, send me a tweet @noravbieber so that we can get to know each other and chat offline at the event ;)