Nora’s Day at CM1

CM1, a conference dedicated entirely to the profession of community management, was last Thursday at the Second City and I was one of the happy attendees. The one-day event – organized by the Tite Group, FITC, and DX3 – looked at various aspects of community management and social media marketing.

The organizers chose a great venue for CM1. The theatre-like atmosphere at the Second City made it easy to focus on the speakers as the acoustics and view of the stage were fantastic from the main room as well as the balcony.

Overall, the speakers talked about various aspects of community management, brand awareness, and social media marketing. Here are a few speakers that stood out and a few learning points I took home from CM1:

My favorite morning presentation was by the charming Julie Sheldon. She did a great job with her talk about contests. Julie reminded the audience not to reinvent the wheel but to create contests around their target audience’s behaviour. She recommended to observe what people are already doing online – i.e. sharing photos of their pets in costumes – and just to capitalize on their behaviour to create a successful contest. Julie also suggested to promote a brand’s own service or product as the contest prize and highlighted that giving away cash is a massive don’t.

Another highlight was Ryan Ginsberg’s  talk about Twitter. Because Twitter is a real time, public tool Ryan highlighted that it can offer a unique opportunity to communicate with your community. Ryan showed us some of the greatest, most memorable moments on Twitter and shared interesting and funny examples on how to prepare for such moments and use news and cultural events to engage in conversations with your audience.

In the afternoon, all I can think about was a very random moment when a few people dressed up as super heroes/cartoon characters took over the stage. Ironically (or was it planned?) this happened during Jonathan Sy’s  presentation with the hilarious title “When Shit Hits The Fan”.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the last panel of the day because it differed from the other presentations. The talk featured various successful community managers, who shared their ideas and thoughts with the audience. The panelists addressed many questions from the audience and offered some very useful insights.

To sum up, it was a successful, first-of-its-kind event at the Second City and I had an awesome time meeting fellow community managers. In case you couldn’t make it to CM1 this time, the slides are available here.