#FiverFri and monthly #Mixers and #CheckIns are back!

Some of our favourite events have returned!


We’ll restart our #FiverFri, which is a day of coworking for $5 on the first Fri of each month.  Get cozy, grab a coffee, be productive. The next few #FiverFri’s will be Jan 3, Feb 7, and Mar 7, and you can always check our calendar for additional dates.




We’ll also see the return of our monthly #Mixers. Join us on Fri Jan 17 for an early evening of networking, socialising, and sharing of ideas. Free, but please register at http://bit.ly/Jan2014Mixer.




And we’ll restart something for our members. We used to do weekly check-ins at our old space, and just haven’t started it back up when we moved, but it’s time! As small business owners, we don’t often have others to be accountable to. We found that when you state your objectives out loud to a group of colleagues, you’re more likely to achieve them. As a coworking community, we can be each others accountability buddies. These are our weekly #CheckIns

Let’s meet weekly on Tue late mornings in the meeting room. Camaraderie will provide the coffee and snacks, and we’ll take turns reporting on our projects from the previous week and stating our objectives for the coming week. Each week you can revisit what you said and see if you achieved what you stated. It’s a great way to stay on track.