Announcing Business Film Fridays – Every Startup’s BFF!

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new film series as a co-production with our neighbour the Revue Cinema!


Running a small business takes time and dedication, but this summer you can take off early the 4th Fri of each month and justify it as a business expense. Camaraderie Coworking and The Revue present Business Film Fridays where we’ll spend the late afternoon watching a business-themed movie (starting at 4:00pm) , chat for a Q&A, and then continue networking in a Roncesvalles area pub (likely Loon’s since they have a huge and fabulous patio) This event is every entrepreneur’s BFF!

You should plan to book off work early – but really, on a summer Fri you might already be planning that anyway, right?

The first four films in the series pack a serious punch for business discussions and tickets are only $11.



May 22:   BFF_piratesofsiliconvalley

Theme is beginnings ­ – Some companies have legendary stories to tell about their startup years.


Jun 26:       BFF_thepricewepay

Theme is taxation  - This is the very real detrimental result of offshore corporate bank accounts.




Jul 24:        BFF_thepursuitofhappyness

Theme is determination – How far will you go to provide for your family and make your business work or succeed in your job?



Aug 28:      BFF_thesocialnetwork

Theme is intellectual property – Be stealthy or be transparent? Every startup needs that balance.


Be sure to tell your friends and use the hashtag #BFFseries.