Changes, Niches, and Supporting Local

We’re loooong overdue for an update.


We’ve been busy with a few things, including shifting our service offering to suit a niche community that was naturally gravitating towards us. We’re now solely focussed on a coworking community of artisans, makers of physical products for sale, and local manufacturers – and what a vibrant community it is! We’re still Camaraderie Coworking, but the collective surrounds the artisan market.


This also means that we have shifted in our building, because really, who wants to lug products and raw materials up to the 3rd floor? Our space is now mostly centred on the market on the ground floor, and rough and raw workspace in the basement, with tours by invitation only. Other virtual membership services remain as they have always been.


We’ve also separated our website to be the coworking space on our main website where we talk about coworking (but moreso with an artisanal or physical product focus) and are looking for more members, and a separate new, customer-focussed website. At, you’ll find product announcements, artisan profiles, sales, events, and more.


We’re excited about this change, and hope to see you in the market where you can help to support local artisans.