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International Coworking Day – potluck lunch and free drop-ins

7yrs ago, Brad Neuberg coined the term “coworking” and a movement started. The message inspired shared spaces with the emphasis on community and collaboration to pop up all around the world. Aug 9 is International Coworking Day, and we’re celebrating!  Join us for a complimentary day of coworking and if you’re here at 12:30pm, bring … Continue reading

Coworking Toronto Passport on ethicalDeal

Together with six other coworking spaces in Toronto, we launched the Coworking Toronto Passport Program on Mar 1. The program has been going well so far – the objective is for those new to coworking to try different spaces under one pass and eventually find one they want to call home. With 4mos loft in … Continue reading

Camaraderie on CBC Radio

Lily Ames from CBC Radio visited both Bento Miso and Camaraderie to talk about coworking. [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] More and more people are making the choice to work for themselves, freelance, take contract jobs and launch start ups. But the freedom of working for yourself can often turn into the burden of working by … Continue reading

half off pt or ft for april – no joke!

Are you a half empty or half full kind of person? No matter which you are, we’re offering half off of full time and part time memberships, both new and returning members, for one month. We want you to fill up on creativity, productivity, and new additions to your network. Or fill up on coffee … Continue reading

Coworking Toronto Passport Program

We’re thrilled to be a part of the Coworking Toronto collective, and we’ve launched our first project today. The Passport Program is a discovery tool for those new to coworking to try a drop-in day at seven spaces with one passport. They’ll see the differences between the spaces and maybe even like one or two … Continue reading

pi(e) day coworking for just $3.14

The best geek holidays involve pie. And the ultimate geek holiday is Pi(e) Day.  Mar 14, or 3.14. Get it? Join us for a day of coworking for just $3.14 and we’ll have pie around noon.

We’re looking for a Super Space Manager

Do you have what it takes to run a coworking space? Are you super organised, super likable, and super savvy? Do you understand the economics of social capital while also knowing how to run an office and can help us do great things? We’re looking for someone with diplomacy, a great sense of humour, some … Continue reading

12 Hot Freelance Productivity Tips from the Pros for that Back to School Feeling

Most of us remember the excitement of starting the first day back to school. The temperatures started to dip, the leaves started to change colour, the summer tans started to fade. New clothes, new supplies, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new school year of work ahead of us. That was the beginning of … Continue reading

10 Privacy Principles

How much information about your customers do you store? Businesses need to be mindful of what info is stored, how it is stored, and why it is stored. Just this year we’ve seen incidents with large corporations, including Sony Playstation, with breached security that had privacy protocols called into question. It can happen to smaller businesses as … Continue reading