Announcing Business Film Fridays – Every Startup’s BFF!

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new film series as a co-production with our neighbour the Revue Cinema! Running a small business takes time and dedication, but this summer you can take off early the 4th Fri of each month and justify it as a business expense. Camaraderie Coworking and The Revue … Continue reading

Programme de référencement d’un client

L’une des premières formes de marketing à apparaitre fut le bouche à oreille. Jusqu’à ce jour, cela reste une des meilleures techniques pour rejoindre de manière efficace les clients. Étant donné l’esprit de collaboration du coworking, entendre quelqu’un parler d’un espace accentue grandement la valeur du message. Nous allons donc maintenant mettre en place un … Continue reading

Exploration of Additional Spaces / Exploration des espaces supplémentaires

(La version française est ci-dessous)   BIG NEWS!   We’re excited to announce that we’re exploring options of additional spaces, one in La Prairie, QC (the south shore of Montreal) and one in the Port Credit area of Mississauga, ON.   La Prairie: The building on the south shore of Montreal has already been identified … Continue reading

Win Tickets to Glengarry Glen Ross Dec 5

PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! Join The Mississauga Players do an All Female Reading of Glengarry Glen Ross on Dec 5 at Studio 89. We’re giving away a pair of tickets and we’ll make it super simple for you: we’ll randomly choose one name from all correct answers of who can name the actor from the … Continue reading

Event Review: Web Unleashed 2014

FITC’s Web Unleashed was another successful event! To start, the organization of the event was excellent. Everything is setup very professionally and finding sessions was as easy as pie – especially with the Web Unleashed app which even allowed attendees to create their own timetable and set reminders for specific sessions. Some speakers complained about … Continue reading

Web Unleashed 2014 Preview

In the continuously changing space of web development, attending a two-day intensive on the latest technologies and experiences is a nice way to get you up-to-date on the skills that drive your profession. The upcoming front-end developer conference Web Unleashed 2014 is exactly that; you’ll also have the opportunity to network and share ideas with … Continue reading

Cubed: do we take the office for granted?

Cubed by Nikil Saval details the dawn, rise and dominance of the modern office, and is a fascinating read about an area of life that most of us take for granted. I was engrossed and amazed by this tremendously detailed history of the office, and of the transformative impact it had on society, the economy, … Continue reading

Cubed: coworking – the secret future of the workplace is already here

“We should be more astonished than we are…” said Nikil Saval, author of Cubed: the secret history of the workplace. “People that don’t have to go to an office are paying to”. He is, of course, talking about coworking. Having researched and written about the secret history of the office, from the Burolandschaft, literally ‘office … Continue reading

How Does the Ontario Election Affect Small Businesses?

The Ontario Liberal Party won a majority in the provincial election last night, while in the Parkdale-High Park riding, where Camaraderie Coworking is located, NDP candidate Cheri Dinovo was re-elected. Congratulations to all elected officials! With a Liberal majority and a local NDP candidate, what does this mean for the small businesses of our community? Here’s … Continue reading

Are Small Businesses Ready for CASL?

It has been a few years in the making but CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) will begin first phase of implementation on July 1st and small business are scrambling to understand the impact this will have on their business. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, also known as Bill C-28, is a new law with serious fines meant to … Continue reading

H2H – or Human to Human – and other highlights of CM1 2014

As a follow up to my previous blog post, these are the highlights of my day at the CM1 Community Management Conference last week, of which Camaraderie was a proud community partner. There was a really great group of organizations represented, from universities to big brands, private enterprises to some non-profits, and we all got … Continue reading

What to expect from CM1

  The Community Management Conference is just days away, and it will be interesting to see what topics and themes are emerging in the community management space. From brand heavyweights like Google and Rogers, to rapidly growing names like Hootsuite, to individual pioneers in the community management space, it looks to be a good roster … Continue reading

The Many Great Benefits to Being a Freelancer

Freelance work offers many advantages when compared with traditional, full-time employment, and as such many people choose to work independently rather than seek regular employment. Listed below are some of the reasons people choose to take the freelancing path:   No boss: Perhaps the number one reason given by people who choose to be freelancers … Continue reading

Taking coworking to a new level – a radio piece from CBC Kelowna

Cowork Penticton was interviewed for Daybreak South on CBC Radio about their launch and expansion. Rachel, from Camaraderie and Coworking Canada, was able to provide some national and international perspective to augment their story. Have a listen:

Top 10 Reasons Mobile Workers Succeed in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces such as Camaraderie have been rising in popularity over the last few years, and there are many reasons mobile workers opt to join such spaces as opposed to work at home or in individual offices. Here are the top ten reasons for success, in no particular order:   1. Natural Networking: One of the … Continue reading

Introducing Virtual Memberships

We’re happy to introduce two new membership levels, both virtual. We’ve always had a mail receiving option for our space, but never really promoted it until recently. And then we decided to offer a non-space annual membership as well. Monthly Mail Receiving - use Camaraderie as a mailing address for your mail and courier packages (ideal … Continue reading

We’ve turned 4!

In Feb 2010 we announced that we have found a space for our coworking community and would be open within 2wks. We did open Feb 15 for a 2wk free trial, and then regular memberships started Mar 1. Fast forward 3yrs, and we moved to our new location in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood. Everything seems to … Continue reading

Pi(e) Day 2014

It’s a good day to eat pie! Pi(e) Day is the ultimate math geek holiday, the day (Mar 14, or 3.14) that we celebrate with pie. Come on in for some pie around 11:45am on Mar 14 and we’ll celebrate Pi(e) Day together. And if you’re looking for more ways to celebrate Pi Day, there’s … Continue reading

SpeechEasy – improve your public speaking skills with your peers

Introducing SpeechEasy, a new monthly event series at Camaraderie where you can practice and improve your public speaking skills among your peers. This isn’t a stuffy program where you have to make your way through a workbook. This is a loosely structured,  no fuss, casual way to deliver a speech, talk, keynote, or other verbal … Continue reading

Community Manager Appreciation Day 2014

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day, a sort of Thanksgiving day for the people who run our space, host events, welcome new members, and offer tours to prospective members. If there’s a problem to be solved, they are the ones we go to. Some research to conduct, they’ll gladly do it. Some ideas to make … Continue reading

Changes to the booking system

We’ve made some changes to our booking system. 1. Weekend bookings are now in 2hr increments, starting on the ODD hour and is $75 for 2hrs. 2. Weekday evening bookings are now in 2hr increments, starting on the EVEN hour and is $75 for 2hrs. (click image to enlarge)   If you need something in … Continue reading

An Introduction to Startup Sales – Venture Accelerator

Venture Accellerated Partners released a white paper called An Introduction to Startup Sales. If you are new to sales, this could be an essential guide for you, filled with tips such as what are the best and worst times for cold calling, what percentage of e-mails are opened based on the subject line and how to … Continue reading

New Year, New Opportunities! (and a 25% savings)

  The holidays are officially over and it’s time to hunker down and get back to work. You can fulfill those New Year’s Resolutions of starting or rebooting your business. You can network naturally, separate home from work, and be in a productive and professional work environment, all with a coworking membership. We’re bringing back … Continue reading

HoHoTO Hangover Auction – Jan 1 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The HoHoTO Hangover Auction was postponed due to #iceTO and #darkTO. There was no sense having an auction when many people didn’t have heat and electricity. However, get your fingers warmed up because it was rescheduled for Jan 1, 7:00pm to 9:00pm! In addition to some gadgets, food, clothing, and a bike, there’s also a … Continue reading

#FiverFri and monthly #Mixers and #CheckIns are back!

Some of our favourite events have returned!   We’ll restart our #FiverFri, which is a day of coworking for $5 on the first Fri of each month.  Get cozy, grab a coffee, be productive. The next few #FiverFri’s will be Jan 3, Feb 7, and Mar 7, and you can always check our calendar for … Continue reading

Gift Cards Available via SMAKK

We made it easy for you to gift local and support local – we’re now offering gift cards via SMAKK! You can purchase a gift card at a minimum of $50 for coworking use, event space rental, or meeting room usage. See details at SMAKK operates from a coworking space in Ottawa, and is dedicated … Continue reading

That perfect gift for a budding entrepreneur! (ethicalDeal promotion)

  Looking for that perfect gift for a budding entrepreneur? Or are you new to coworking and want to try it out?  We’re running a promotion with ethicalDeal this week for one month of coworking at a considerable savings.  Check this out: Option 1 – 10 day passes for $39 Option 2 – 1month for $69 … Continue reading

Start Dec with savings!

Some people will be spending more money on their loved ones this month, and we can offset that with a savings on coworking memberships. Sign up for a part time or full time membership this week and get 25% off your first month. You can start your memberships Dec or Jan, but you must sign … Continue reading

Year end celebrations

As 2013 comes to a close, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate.  Here are two great events in Dec that are worth attending – and Camaraderie is supporting both of them:   Dec 3 – #TOTechWrap party The Courthouse, 57 Adelaide St E Tickets:   and   Dec 19 – HoHoTO The Mod Club, 722 … Continue reading

Nora’s Day at CM1

CM1, a conference dedicated entirely to the profession of community management, was last Thursday at the Second City and I was one of the happy attendees. The one-day event – organized by the Tite Group, FITC, and DX3 – looked at various aspects of community management and social media marketing. The organizers chose a great … Continue reading

Camaraderie Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

  Let’s celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week with a Day of FREE Coworking and a Community Potluck Lunch! This is a great chance to try coworking here at Camaraderie. Spread the word and let your friends, relatives, and colleagues know that they can come in and work for FREE on Friday (November 22) between 10am and … Continue reading

Looking forward to CM1

CM1 (Community Manager Conference) is in a few days and as a Community Manager I’m thrilled to attend it.  Getting some new ideas about how to manage great communities, how to measure my efforts, and how other talented people in the field deal with challenges and obstacles are three major reasons why I would not … Continue reading

Community Manager Conference

Managing a community is no easy task, but the folks at FITC, Dx3, and The Tite Group can help someone grow from being a good Community Manager to a GREAT one. Going beyond Twitter management and Facebook updates, attendees of this conference will walk away with knowledge of turning content from promotional to must-read, contests … Continue reading

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Freelancing… But Were Afraid To Ask

Freelancing is a job unlike many others. There is often very little certainty with freelancers often living contract to contract. In order to make a career from freelancing you have to embrace the challenges. But, let’s face it, if you don’t like uncertainty then it is probably not the right job for you. But how … Continue reading

An essential list for freelancers – preparing for Spotlight: Freelance

I love the quote that starting a business is like jumping out of a plane and building a parachute on the way down. Leading up to the FITC’s  Spotlight: Freelance this Saturday it’s got me wondering about how best to describe being a freelancer and the best I can come up with is it’s a … Continue reading

How to find a coworking space

Finding a coworking space that works for you takes a bit of research and some trial days, and it’s much more worthwhile if you have an idea of what to look for and what to ask. And while everyone has their own unique needs, this video captures quite of the things you should look for … Continue reading

Win tickets to FITC Spotlight: Freelance

I was a freelancer at the start of my career, working in radio with a series of independent radio groups. It’s not a lifestyle for everybody, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s something about it that keeps the blood pumping through your veins. There’s the constant challenge of finding new customers while ensuring that you … Continue reading

FITC Spotlight: Freelance

  Coworking spaces are brimming with freelancers, and we know the value of sharing tips and learning from one another. And while anyone can become a freelancer, not everyone can run a sustainable, successful freelance business. It takes more than just being a killer programmer or a creative designer. At FITC’s Spotlight: Freelance, you can … Continue reading

Reflection of community

We’ve been reflecting on the value of community this summer. We’re happy to open our doors to those in need. After the big storm and flood in Jul, we welcomed folks to come in for workspace if they didn’t have electricity, wifi, or air conditioning at home. This week (and maybe longer) we’re hosting the … Continue reading

Keep It Cool, Toronto

Nothing is more irksome during a walk than passing by a business with their door wide open and their air conditioning blasting. We’re glad to see Toronto Hydro and Live Green Toronto partner for a promotion to encourage keeping the doors closed when the a/c is on: Look for the blue KeepTheCool in T.O. decals on business … Continue reading

Back to school means back to work – a blank slate!

  Summer is nearly over, kids will be back in school, and it’s a great time to focus on work and get down to business. It’s a blank slate – how will you get back to it? Our Sep promotion is for our Part Time membership for $175+HST for the month of Sep*. Enjoy 12days/month … Continue reading

Coworking Beginnings From the Mouths of Veterans

There are some awesome folks out there in the coworking community, and when they get together to talk about coworking, it’s always inspiring.   Alex Hillman of Indy Hall spoke with Tony Bacigalupo of New Work City, along with Susan Dorsch and Jacob Sayles of Office Nomads about how they got started in coworking, how they discovered there was … Continue reading

International Coworking Day 2013

Coworking’s birthday is coming up! Each year on Aug 9 coworking spaces around the world celebrate a common day for the start of the coworking movement. It’s a day to celebrate the future of work, the diverse range of spaces where freelancers and telecommuters can work independently but not alone, access a network of fellow entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Referral Program

Word of mouth really is the best way to reach new prospects, and when it comes to coworking, it’s absolutely ideal. What better way to hear about how beneficial a coworking space is than to hear it straight from someone who already works there? And so, we’re now offering an incentive to bring in new … Continue reading

6 Great Things About Camaraderie Coworking

We love drop-ins, but upgrading to a pt or ft membership includes some great benefits. How many of these did you know about?   Mailbox Service – stop using your home address, and start using a professional mailing address. We have a secure mailbox so members are assured their mail is safe. Coworking Visa – … Continue reading

Science at the Movies! We’ve got a pair of tickets to Gattaca to give away.

WEEKEND CONTEST! Want to go see Gattaca at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema on Mar 12 as part of the Science at the Movies film series? We’ve got a pair of tickets to give away!  Treehouse Group has invited University of Toronto Professors Donald Ainslie (Philosophy), and Lucy R. Osborne (Medicine; Molecular Genetics) as panellists … Continue reading

Booking system changes – discounts for member-led events

Please note: the rates and lengths of bookings have changed since this blog post. Please see the more recent post about changes to this system.   We know that freelancers and startups don’t stop once the clock ticks at 5:00pm, and some meetings or events need to be booked outside of our operating hours. And … Continue reading

Sneak peek – renos in progress

Renos in the new space are just about done, and we’ll be ready to move in for Mon Mar 4. Meanwhile here’s a sneak peek of renos in progress for the 3rd floor: This will be our new boardroom – lots of great natural light:  (for now it’s filled with chairs and things) We’ll have … Continue reading

Camaraderie in the Toronto Star Small Business Section

Rachel from Camaraderie was interviewed by Daniel Viola for an article in the Small Business section of the Toronto Star that was published online yesterday: Coworking helps entrepreneurs save cash, improve relationships and scale sustainably Traditional offices are expensive, and often come with multi-year leases. For those who need little more than a desk and … Continue reading

moving westward!

Our members have known this for some time, but we’re ready to announce it to the world: We’re moving! We’re already closed on Adelaide St, but we’ll move in to our new space for Mar 1. We’ve signed for space in a building in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood and are excited to be moving west. It’s … Continue reading