$10 days!

We know times are tough. We know that you need space to work or write or collaborate. We know that we can offer you a great space to do all of that, and so we’re reducing our daily drop-in rate to $10. That’s a great workspace, working side by side with great people, plus wifi, boardroom, … Continue reading

a discount for the rest of 2012

Did you see our newest issue of the Camaraderie newsletter? It’s jam packed with events, links, and a really amazing promotion. We believe that Sep is the time for getting back to business while the kids get back to school. CYBF mentor Ellis Orlan even made a blog post on the subject, Labour Day is a … Continue reading

International Coworking Day – potluck lunch and free drop-ins

7yrs ago, Brad Neuberg coined the term “coworking” and a movement started. The message inspired shared spaces with the emphasis on community and collaboration to pop up all around the world. Aug 9 is International Coworking Day, and we’re celebrating!  Join us for a complimentary day of coworking and if you’re here at 12:30pm, bring … Continue reading

Coworking Toronto Passport on ethicalDeal

Together with six other coworking spaces in Toronto, we launched the Coworking Toronto Passport Program on Mar 1. The program has been going well so far – the objective is for those new to coworking to try different spaces under one pass and eventually find one they want to call home. With 4mos loft in … Continue reading

Camaraderie on CBC Radio

Lily Ames from CBC Radio visited both Bento Miso and Camaraderie to talk about coworking. [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] More and more people are making the choice to work for themselves, freelance, take contract jobs and launch start ups. But the freedom of working for yourself can often turn into the burden of working by … Continue reading

half off pt or ft for april – no joke!

Are you a half empty or half full kind of person? No matter which you are, we’re offering half off of full time and part time memberships, both new and returning members, for one month. We want you to fill up on creativity, productivity, and new additions to your network. Or fill up on coffee … Continue reading

Coworking Toronto Passport Program

We’re thrilled to be a part of the Coworking Toronto collective, and we’ve launched our first project today. The Passport Program is a discovery tool for those new to coworking to try a drop-in day at seven spaces with one passport. They’ll see the differences between the spaces and maybe even like one or two … Continue reading

pi(e) day coworking for just $3.14

The best geek holidays involve pie. And the ultimate geek holiday is Pi(e) Day.  Mar 14, or 3.14. Get it? Join us for a day of coworking for just $3.14 and we’ll have pie around noon.

We’re looking for a Super Space Manager

Do you have what it takes to run a coworking space? Are you super organised, super likable, and super savvy? Do you understand the economics of social capital while also knowing how to run an office and can help us do great things? We’re looking for someone with diplomacy, a great sense of humour, some … Continue reading

kick start 2012!

The new year approaches! You know you’ll make new year’s resolutions, so make one for your business and freelance work that will have a great impact on your entire year. Promise to yourself and your loved ones that you’ll give your business your all, starting right away. Kick start your business in the new year … Continue reading

community is more than its surroundings

The decision about the injunction to evict the encampment for #OccupyToronto, which happens to be directly across the street from our space, will be released today at 9:00am. In the court hearing on Fri, the judge asked for extensive clarification as to whether the structures in the encampment are integral to conveying their message, and … Continue reading

12 Hot Freelance Productivity Tips from the Pros for that Back to School Feeling

Most of us remember the excitement of starting the first day back to school. The temperatures started to dip, the leaves started to change colour, the summer tans started to fade. New clothes, new supplies, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new school year of work ahead of us. That was the beginning of … Continue reading

10 Privacy Principles

How much information about your customers do you store? Businesses need to be mindful of what info is stored, how it is stored, and why it is stored. Just this year we’ve seen incidents with large corporations, including Sony Playstation, with breached security that had privacy protocols called into question. It can happen to smaller businesses as … Continue reading

10 Privacy Principles

How much information about your customers do you store? Businesses need to be mindful of what info is stored, how it is stored, and why it is stored. Just this year we’ve seen incidents with large corporations, including Sony Playstation, with breached security that had privacy protocols called into question. It can happen to smaller businesses as … Continue reading

12 Hot Freelance Productivity Tips from the Pros for that Back to School Feeling

Most of us remember the excitement of starting the first day back to school. The temperatures started to dip, the leaves started to change colour, the summer tans started to fade. New clothes, new supplies, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new school year of work ahead of us. That was the beginning of … Continue reading

Startup Room Available

A reminder that we currently have a startup room (private office) available in our space. Startup room A on our main floor is suitable for between 3-6 people, and comes with all of the benefits of working in a community space.  This includes: Free internet (reliable wi-fi or ethernet) Member discounts Free coffee & tea … Continue reading

Extended hours survey

Freelancers and entrepreneurs, almost by definition, work quite a bit outside of the regular 9-5 hours.  Flexible, irregular, and sometimes extremely long hours are all part of the gig. At Camaraderie, we want to ensure we’re providing the most comprehensive and useful service we can.  To this end, we’ve decided to investigate the possibility of … Continue reading

Monday, August 1st

Hello! Please note that we’ll be closed for the holiday/renovations on Monday, August 1st as we prepare to take over the third floor of our building.  This means that on Tuesday, August 2nd, Camaraderie officially becomes a two-story coworking space! Curious about our expansion? Drop by for a tour! Get in touch at and … Continue reading

Freelancer Friday in the Park

As mentioned in our last post on our summer promotion, we’re having our first Freelancer Friday in the Park next Friday, July 15th. Come on out and meet other freelancers, enjoy some snacks & some beverages, play some frisbee, or just lay in the sun.  We’ve also got some music lined up for you by … Continue reading

Summer promotion!

It’s only been officially summer for a week or so, but everyone seems to have been in the summer mood for much longer.  As Canadians, we’re genetically programmed to physically leap towards beams of sunshine like… well, pretty much like cats. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, visit the cottage, or have … Continue reading

Founder Fuel Information Session – June 28th at 7pm

FounderFuel, the Montreal-based Startup incubation program, will be holding an information session here at Camaraderie on Tuesday, June 28th at 7pm. The session will teach you everything you need to know about the program and the team behind it, and will answer all of your questions. After a quick presentation and Q&A session, the team … Continue reading

Help us grow

*****Update: We have now CONFIRMED that we will be taking over our third floor! If you’re a startup that needs private office space in a coworking community environment, get in touch!***** Here at Camaraderie, we’re deeply devoted to developing and supporting the startup community of Toronto.  We’re proud to be able to provide space to … Continue reading


As the community manager here, I talk to a lot of people who are looking for space. I’m usually out at events such as SproutUp, Lean Coffee TO, or Startup Drinks, since I’m also an entrepreneur, and inevitably I end up chatting with them about their startups, businesses, and office needs.  I’ve come to realize … Continue reading

Rightsleeve Swag 2.0

There are three things in this world that everyone loves: pizza, summer, and, of course, free stuff! It may not have been full fledged summer yesterday, but luckily I had the other two covered. After grabbing a slice at the local pizzeria, I headed over to Swag 2.0, hosted by local promotional design agency Rightsleeve. … Continue reading

Webcanada is hiring

The best part of my job as community manager is meeting new people, hands down.  At last months SproutUp event, I met Andy, who works for WebCanada.  As it turns out, WebCanada is one of our neighbours, located just down the street at King and Princess. Andy mentioned that they’re looking to do some hiring, … Continue reading

Good times at Veritas with Zipcar!

Who doesn’t love a celebration? This past Thursday, we held a little get together at Veritas, a great local restaurant and lounge, to celebrate our newly announced partnership with Zipcar.  In attendance were some of our members, some new faces, some reps from Zipcar itself, and a whole lot of smiles. See, we know that … Continue reading

new reservation system

This morning we launched a new reservation system to manage our boardroom booking and space rental. We were using Divvy, which unfortuntely shut down at the end of last month, so Wayne built a new system from scratch that suits our needs. It’s something we can build on for future use, and we’ll have the … Continue reading

Tamajii launches HyperNote, with Assisted Drawing Technology

You know, our members are pretty awesome.  No, not JUST because they’re using our coworking space (although that helps), but because they do and create great things. Case in point: HyperNote. Developed by our newest members Tamajii, HyperNote is the latest in their line of “cool iPad apps for creative people.” And cool it is. … Continue reading

Camaraderie & Zipcar Partnership Announcement, plus a party!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Camaraderie has partnered with Zipcar! So thrilled, in fact, that we’re throwing a party. Details below, but first, a bit about the partnership and how it benefits our members… The worlds largest car-sharing provider, with locations in the US, Canada and the UK, is providing Camaraderie residents with discounted … Continue reading

The Now Revolution – a book review

We asked Erin Bury of to review The Now Revolution. Here’s what she had to say about the book: When you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, you have to be creative about how you get the word out about your business. That’s why social media tools have been so great for small businesses – they level the … Continue reading

Ready for our close-up!

Lights, camera, action: Camaraderie is about to get famous! Well, sort of… What’s all this about? Well, we’ve got someone coming into our space tonight in preparation for shooting a music video. It’s going to be a private event, so no, this isn’t a casting call. However, it does remind me of just how versatile … Continue reading


We love innovation. Entrepreneurs – at least the best ones – tend to be really good at creating simple solutions to common problems or irritations. In this spirit, we’re proud to be one of the initial users of a great new tool from local company Big Time Design called Pulse. Simply put, Pulse is an … Continue reading


When you were younger and you started dating someone new, did celebrate any anniversary you could think of? I know I did. Personally, I thought that waiting for one year of dating was for suckers… I celebrated one week, one month, 2 months, etc. Today is my one month anniversary of working at Camaraderie as … Continue reading

Pi(e) Day – Monday, March 14 (03-14)

Nerds everywhere will be celebrating Pi Day this Monday, March 14th (03/14, the first three numbers of pi), and Camaraderie has a special offer for the hungry and frugal freelance community. On Monday, we’ll be offering a full day of coworking for the cleverly low price of $3.14. This will also include FREE PI(E) to … Continue reading

A personal challenge, Pi Day announcement, and a deal

If freelancers and entrepreneurs know anything, it’s how to be resourceful. As a freelancer myself, I know first hand how important it is to find creative ways to accomplish things on a strict budget. To this end, I frequently come up with daily challenges to keep myself thinking thrifty. With pi day just one week … Continue reading

Sprouter launches redesign, ‘refines focus’

Our friends over at Sprouter have a new look. Today, the site which helps foster growth within the startup community,  announced a redesign shifting their primary focus to their Q&A platform.  Once logged in, users can send a question (anonymously) to a team of carefully vetted experts from all walks of startup life. Of course, … Continue reading

Family Day Hours

Family Day Monday, February 21 Shortened Hours: 12 – 5 Freelancers and entrepreneurs are a hard working bunch, and rarely take days off, even when holidays come around (hands up if you’ve worked on Christmas day).  That said, we like our families and we assume you do too. So, we’re meeting in the middle with … Continue reading

Welcome Scott!

We’ve been looking for a Community Manager for some time, and while we considered some really great candidates, one in particular stood out from the crowd. The person we were looking for would have a combination of membership relations and space management, but also be tech savvy and comfortable with the online community. We’re happy … Continue reading

1yr anniversary

Today is our one year anniversary! We opened our doors on Feb 15, 2010 and welcomed freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, telecommuters, and those looking for work into our space to share our space and build community. We are thankful for all of our members, drop-ins, neighbours, and partners who have been a part of our space … Continue reading

new year sale and free drop in days

Start the new year off in the right direction. Coworking facilities around the world confidently boast about how their members experience an increase in productivity, and you owe it to yourself to experience that too. We want to help, and here are two ways to consider: Free drop-in days – we will have reduced hours … Continue reading

holiday hours

We’ll have some closures and reduced hours over the holidays. Here’s how it will play out: Dec 24-25 – closed completely (even to keyholders) Dec 27-30 – open reduced hours of 12:00pm to 5:00pm Dec 31-Jan 1 – closed And a last minute plug for a great event: Looking for a way to share some … Continue reading

connectsy to launch at sproutupTO

One of the great things about coworking is seeing the productivity of individuals or teams increase because they have the space and mindset to do so. Facility owners provide the space, but it’s the members who make the magic happen within it. And when the space is located in a city with a vibrant entrepreneurial … Continue reading

member job postings: developers for connectsy

We like to help spread the word about opportunities for our members. Connectsy, the folks in our StartUp Room, have some hot jobs available: Javascript Developer Android Developer iPhone Developer Great guys, awesome product. Contact them for details.


This weekend we’re giving thanks to our members, friends, colleagues, advisors, volunteers, and partners who have helped us in opening and developing this space. Thank you all! We’ll be closed on the holiday Mon to spend time with our friends and families, but will be ready to rock next week starting on Tue.

cooking for geeks – sep 21

Yes, occasionally geeks need food too! Join us on Tue Sep 21 for an intimate talk and demonstration with Jeff Potter, author of Cooking for Geeks. We geeks are fascinated by how things work, and most of us eat, too. If you’re the innovative type who asks why just as often as what , my … Continue reading

announcing freelancecampTO

We’re happy to be part of the stellar planning committee to bring you FreelanceCampTO. Join us on Sun Oct 3 at the Ted Rogers School of Management for a day of learning and sharing from your freelance peers so that you can become a better freelancer. The event is free, but registration is required. We’ll … Continue reading

toronto beer quest

When else can photographic evidence of beer win you great prizes? Camaraderie has teamed up with member Beerology to present Toronto Beer Quest to celebrate Toronto Beer Week. In the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration, this joint effort event will test even the most clever beer fan on Toronto beer history for a chance to … Continue reading

sep book club meetup

Our next bookclub meetup will be on Sep 21 at 6:30pm. Join us to discuss Connect! A Guide to a New Way of Working. Please register so that we know how many people to expect.

sxswi and personal development for freelancers

Thinking of heading to SXSWi? There is quite a bit in store for entrepreneurs and freelancers to learn and absorb from the long list of panels up fro vote until Aug 27. Some of our favourites are: World Wide Working: CoWorking & Collaboration With the rise in Independent Professionals and Freelancers comes the rise of … Continue reading

happy coworking day!

On this day 5yrs ago, Brad Neuberg opened the first coworking space geared towards community and collaboration. Today we’re celebrating Coworking Day with our members, friends, and fellow facilities around the world. Have a look at how it all started. Happy Coworking Day!